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Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”)
on Annulments

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McGraw Law P.C. provides answers to questions that many clients ask when having an attorney. Do you have more questions about the annulment process?  Call McGraw Law P.C. today at (540) 904-5704 or message us online.

Q: What is an "Annulment"?

A: An annulment is a legal process that makes a current marriage null and void. An annulment is a ruling by the court that puts aside a marriage as though it never existed.

Q: When Might a Court Grant an Annulment?

A: A court grants an annulment once a marriage is legally voidable. To qualify for an annulment, a person must be able to prove the specific grounds for separation, which vary by state, to establish that the marriage is no longer in the best interest of one or both parties. Some states require that the persons receiving an annulment must have proof of a previous marriage for the annulment to be valid.